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October 30 Meeting Notes:

Posted by [email protected] on November 4, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Hello again, everyone! For those of you who were unable to attend the meeting this past Thursday, here is a little recap of what went on. 


Fundraising has been a success! Our baked goods have resulted in profit at each sale, more than we had even anticipated. We will continue to bake sale for the rest of this semester. If you signed up to help with baked goods and haven't been "chosen" yet expect a text from Celeste in the next coming weeks. Information on the shirts/their design/pricing will all be coming soon as well. 


Now, for the discussion.

Our topic this week was: Are nontheists outcasts in society? What can we do to improve the image of nontheists here and around the world?


This discussion warranted a lot of personal stories, personal struggles, and also some very pressing concerns and points. 


-Many secular students grew up in very conservative settings. These students commonly felt left out in groups back home due to not affiliating with a church and, despite wanting to hang out with friends, these secular students did not want to get involved in a religious setting they did not agree with. A church was an automatic acceptance, a group of like minded people at least to some degree. Where was one to go for that same feeling of acceptance when they did not associate themselves with religion?


-Small towns can quickly brainwash a nontheist into feeling like they are "wrong" and different. This is a mentality that takes years to develop, so how do you escape that once you have entered a more liberal environment? Nontheists are a minority in Texas (and most places) and that can also help the outcast mentality. 


-The negative connotation that nontheists have is one that has been crafted over centuries. It is not going to simply disappear overnight. We are in a time of social change though, and we have the job of setting the example we want to be seen as. We need to be open-minded, tolerant, considerate, and not ashamed of our beliefs or lack there-of. We need to be the good people that we are, be the change we want to see, and be the community to help support one another through all the struggles that may come from lacking a faith. 


These are just a few of the thoughts that got thrown around. If you want to continue the discussion, feel free to do so in the comments.

We hope to see you soon!



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