Secular Student Alliance at Texas State


There are multiple ways to get involved with the SSA.


We typically table weekly in the Quad from 10 am to 2:00 pm. This is a great way to meet some of our members for the first time, ask any questions you have about secularism, what we do, join the group and really just have a nice break from classes. This is also when we do any of our fundraising.

To find out if/when we are tabling on any particular week, follow us on Twitter, Instagram or join our Facebook group.

Side Note:

We understand not everyone can participate during the day/evenings due to classes and work schedules, etc. Members are free to create their own event, like a hangout, on our Facebook page. 


We have meetings every other week, located in LBJ (the time and room number changes from time to time, so it is best to either join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or the join the email list for the exact time and location). 

Next semester (Fall 2017) our meetings will be every other Wednesday from 6 pm to 8 pm in LBJ.  These meetings are the most "formal" of our gatherings.  Here we will go over current events in Secularism, things going on within the group, and we will have a discussion topic.  The discussion topic is what takes up the bulk of our meetings, allowing students to have open-minded discussions over frequently controversial issues. 

Game Nights:

On alternating weeks we have a get together in the Lair, also in LBJ, up the stairs from Chick-fil-A. These are just member hangouts. Everyone brings some board games, cards, their wonderful personalities, and we all have a good time.