Secular Student Alliance at Texas State


What do we do?

The Secular Student Alliance at Texas State University is a group for atheists (AKA non-theists), agnostics, humanists, skeptics, freethinkers, and other students who do not believe in a god or gods. We also are a group for people of faith that have an inquisitive nature or an open mind who want to educate themselves on secularism and current events on such issues.

We are not an "atheist" group, although many of our members are atheists.

We promote secular values like evidence based decision making, skeptical inquiry and upholding the separation of church and state.

We strive to create a community.

We are a group that likes to partake in discussions that a lot of people like to avoid. Although we may have varying beliefs and ideas, we come together to discuss real world issues, and of course, to be friends. 

Secular Student Alliance affiliates promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism and human-based ethics. We accomplish this through five areas of focus: education, service, activism, community and cooperation.

Our goals are to:
- Educate ourselves and our communities about religion and non-theism.
- Contribute to society through community service.
- Participate in our government through activism.
- Build a community for non-theists at Texas State University.
- Cooperate with other groups of both similar and dissimilar viewpoints to foster 
understanding and communication.

Also: We are a nonprofit group. There are no dues/fees to join, and we will keep it that way, forever. 

We like to:

- Have meetings to discuss current happenings in the world, discuss current events in our group, and of course meet new members.

- Have game nights and hang outs to let new members get better acquainted with old ones, give people something fun to do on a Thursday night, and most importantly build a community that fellow students can feel comfortable with and depend on.

- Partake in school events (such as Bobcat Build, canned food drives, etc.) that can help benefit the beautiful community we live in.

Feel free to wander around the site, see what we are about, and hopefully consider joining us!  We're a pretty friendly bunch of guys and gals and look forward to meeting you.

And for more information:

Learn more about the national Secular Student Alliance at